Demolition of Waterville elementary school building begins

Demolition of Waterville elementary school building begins
(Source: WTOL)

WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - The demolition of the old Waterville elementary school building began Tuesday.

The demolition will make way for a new bridge.

Laurie Cox and her husband were out taking pictures of the school, which was build in 1923. In the 50s, Laurie attended the school from kindergarten to the third grade.

"I wanted my husband to get pictures so I can use them as a screen saver," Cox said.

The couple made a special trip to see the school before it was demolished.

"It was awesome, the teachers were warm and friendly and helpful," Cox remembered. "I had a lot of friends here and I just loved it."

The process of demolition began with a salvaging operation. Afterward, heavy demolition will start with the goal of leveling the land.

The project is expected to wrap up in June.

According to ODOT, after the construction of the new bridge, the area will be turned into a park.

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