New weight loss guidelines not necessarily recommended by local cardiologists

New weight loss guidelines not necessarily recommended by local cardiologists

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - February is heart month, when cardiologists raise awareness about heart disease, the number one killer of men and women.

Chief of Cardio for Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, Dr. Ameer Kabour says diet and exercise are crucial in preventing heart disease.

Dr. Kabour says he's treating many more patients in their 30s who think they are too young for heart disease and subsequently aren't taking care of their bodies.

"Losing weight is an important element to prevent yourself from having high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and subsequently you're preventing yourself from having heart disease," Dr. Kabour said.

New research from a team of American Heart Association doctors makes a number of suggestions for losing weight.

The first, make sure to eat breakfast. Dr. Kabour agrees.

"Most of the people underestimate that eating breakfast could jump start their metabolism and improve their chance of being more energetic and more active during the day and they lose weight if they eat breakfast," Dr. Kabour said.

However, Dr. Kabour doesn't agree with some of the other findings in the new research.

One of the findings says the size of the meal doesn't matter as long as you're keeping to your calorie cap.

But Dr. Kabour recommends small, frequent meals, versus fewer large meals.

"Most of the people when we tell them that excuse, that it doesn't matter how large the meal, I'm afraid really that we're giving them the wrong message, In my opinion, as a cardiologist," explained Dr. Kabour. "We don't recommend to just go and eat as much as you want."

Dr. Kabour says even though fasting is one of the new recommendations for losing weight, it just doesn't work.

"Eating once a day is not healthy. You gain weight, and also your energy is much less, so for that reason, we don't recommend it," said Dr. Kabour.

Of course, Dr. Kabour says exercise is very important and not just regular walking.

"You need to go to the gym and do that real cardio exercise if you want your healthy life to continue forever," Dr. Kabour said.

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