Ice carving competition heats up in Perrysburg

Ice carving competition heats up in Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Chunks of ice are being turned into artwork this weekend in Perrysburg.

For the fourth year, Perrysburg Winterfest is hosting the U.S. National Ice Carving Championships.

And what happens when the temperature warms?

The ice melts, of course. But that's not important to those competing.

Twenty master class carvers are competing for $15,000 in prize money and a national title.

Katlin Pfroper is handling the heatwave as she creates an ice peacock.

"I have these boxes that have dry ice in them so as soon as I finish carving pieces of ice I want to get them clean and stick them in there to be nice and cold," Pfroper said.

Judges score the sculptures in ten categories including technical skills and how they are put together.

But this weekend they are being a little more flexible because of the unseasonably warm temperatures.

"I've only been to a carving competition that was cancelled because of high winds and rain," said judge Ken Diederich. "It's never been cancelled for any other reason. It can be 90 degrees and we can still compete. Just changes how we're going to do it."

National pride is on the line here too.

Ice carving is an Olympic sport.

Greg Butauski made the last U.S. team in Sochi, Russia.

He hopes the weather doesn't melt away his Olympic dreams for next year in South Korea.

"It's great to represent your country for something the best thing you could really do" he says.

Round two of the championship is Saturday in Downtown Perrysburg.

It will end as every competition does: a champion with a melting masterpiece that becomes just a memory.
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