TPS students get head start toward first responder careers

TPS students get head start toward first responder careers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - First responders are always in demand in our community, and Toledo Public Schools is giving students an opportunity to get a jump start in that career field.

Nearly 50 students from all TPS high schools came to Owens Community College on Friday to tour the facility and learn what it takes to get their EMT basic certification.

"The center for emergency preparedness is a remarkable facility sitting on more than 150 acres and featuring nearly 2 dozen of the finest training simulators found in the United States," said Jennifer Lawless, Director of College and Career Readiness for TPS.

Students sat down to hear from local firefighters, EMTs, and police officers.

Friday was the first day students had a chance to register at Owens Community College while still in high school.

So when they graduate as early as next Spring, they can be a certified EMT.

"We think it's a huge step in the right direction. In fact we are hearing that same thing from Toledo Fire and Rescue, Toledo Police. This gives them a leg up in the sense that they could get a job right out of high school," said Lawless.

Toledo City Councilwoman Dr. Cecelia Adams has been pushing for this for months.

She told the students how much Toledo needs them and how important it is that students from all different backgrounds enter this field.

Dr. Adams says the goal is to have the diversity of the community reflected in the police and fire departments.

"We hope that our students will be sought after by both of those entities," said Lawless.

The students would still have to go through the fire and police academies to become firefighters or police officers, but this program puts them a step ahead.

"It's huge, it's really getting me off on the right foot," said one student who was looking into the program.

TPS leaders say they hope this is the beginning of a long partnership, one that will benefit students and the city of Toledo.

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