Old Royal Hotel "heart bombed" by artists

Old Royal Hotel "heart bombed" by artists

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new architectural campaign is showing loving for historic buildings in danger of demolition. But in Toledo, one historic building received love for its importance to the city's landscape.

"Heart bombing" began in Buffalo, New York as a way to spread love for historic sites and landmarks.

That love reached the old Royal Hotel building on Broadway.

The building has been vacant for years, but it has an opportunity for new life.

On the side of the building, passers by can see a heart marked on the side of the project.

The volunteers who constructed the piece took artistic liberties to make it local.

"The form initially when you look at it is lending itself to the era, so that's why we went with an Art Deco look to the paneling," said Craig Mossing of Mossing Studios. "The silver reflective beads represent the lights from the you'll do better in Toledo sign, so as traffic comes down Broadway, those should illuminate."

The heart is expected to stay up for about a year.

The owner of the property says they are still in the pre-development phase for the building. But the owner feels this is a way to show the community some visible progress.

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