Toledo woman's rap sheet growing for crimes she never committed

Toledo woman's rap sheet growing for crimes she never committed

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo woman has become a victim in a strange case of stolen identity, and it's landed her in Toledo Municipal Court three times for crimes she did not commit.

"Awful. I trusted her. She was my best friend," said Jessica Lewis.

She has a mug shot of Amanda Harrison, a woman passing herself off as Jessica Lewis in court.

"We've been friends for twelve years," Lewis said. "She used to fill out applications for me and she just kind of remembered it."

Harrison was able to remember Lewis's social security number and other important information, including her address and birth date.

So when Amanda was arrested on drug and theft charges last year, she posed as Jessica, who would receive warrants to appear in court.

"I don't even have a speeding ticket. I don't have a mug shot or anything," Lewis said. "When she uses my name, they just let her go."

All of the cases have been dismissed in court.

Lewis hopes to land a job in the health care field. However, she's worried that until a new social security number is issued, a background check will reveal Amanda's crimes that are ruining Lewis' good name and reputation.

"When I'm in the car, I'm scared that TPD is going to pull me over, and I have my four year old in the car," Lewis said. "I never know if I have a warrant or not."

Jessica believes Amanda has left Toledo and is now living in the Dayton area.

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