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Accused murderer, arsonist appears in court ahead of April 3 trial date

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An accused murderer and arsonist appeared in a Lucas County courtroom Thursday afternoon.

Ray Abou Arab is accused of starting a fire at a rental property in 2014 that killed two Toledo firefighters.

The hearing at the Lucas County Courthouse was short. But it was held to make sure both sides were prepared for the upcoming trial scheduled for April 3.

There were two pending motions in the case heading into Thursday's hearing.

The Honorable Stacy Cook granted one of the motions to have the court pay for $10,000 mitigation investigator. The investigator will research the family, personal and social history of Arab. The court would need the report for the sentencing portion of the case if Arab is found guilty.

The other motion, which is still pending, is from the defense. They are asking the death penalty not be an option for their client.

This would mean his maximum sentence, if convicted, would be life in prison.

Jury selection is also expected to be a difficult process due to the publicity the case has received.

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