Graves flooded at Willow Cemetery

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A family is flooded with frustration because of standing water on the grave of their loved one.

Most like to lay flowers or sit and remember their loved ones lost, but one family can't even get close due to flooding.

"This is where we're supposed to be able to show love even to our dead, not just our living, but to our dead and you can't do that," said Dawn Reno, who visits her aunt Elizabeth Szabo who died in 1986 from cancer.

Dawn and her family are looking for answers as to why they have to wade through several inches of water to visit their aunt's grave at Willow Cemetery in Oregon.

"It's heartbreaking," explained Dawn. "It hurts my heart to see that our dead is so disrespected and nothing is being done. They say that they are working on it, it doesn't take this long to fix it."

But the City of Oregon says it does. They learned of the broken tile causing the flooding in this one section of the cemetery and made room in their budget for the $25,000 repair. They contracted the work out this September and it is nearly complete as of this week.

"The bigger the fix the longer it takes in terms of budgeting, designing and constructing," explained Paul Roman, director of public service for the City of Oregon. "But we are there and it's going to be opened up to drain."

The city plans to connect the new storm sewer soon and while family members like Dawn hope that's true, they fear what's happened underneath the grave.

"How do I know that there's not already damage there?" questioned Dawn. "They need to make the water go away and stay away."

While the water was ankle deep on Wednesday, city officials hope to have this issue resolved within the next week.

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