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TPS to remind families to stay in the stands during City League games

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Emotions boiled over last week at the Scott vs. Bowsher basketball game in Toledo.

The brawl resulted in one players going to the hospital, two officers reportedly being assaulted, 15 player suspensions and several parents demanding response from Toledo Public Schools.

The fight began after Bowsher star Dalonte Brown was fouled hard and briefly knocked out on the floor.

TPS said the PA announcer at each City League game will remind parents between quarters to stay in the stands.

Bowsher coach Joe Guerrero said the fight was frustrating in what was already a stressful time for the team.

"I think that's the big word to describe it, frustrating," said Guerrero. "We got our players together. We got them on the bench, and we can't control what happens in the stands. Our fans, 99 percent of the time, they've been great."

Guerrero said he understands the foul was an emotional play, but he hopes the fans and families will remember the game is about the kids on the court.

The league hopes the reminder from the PA will be enough to keep fans in the stands.

However, the league warned they might entertain the idea of moving games to Saturday morning for safety.

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