Company moves to Toledo to help clean up crime scenes

Company moves to Toledo to help clean up crime scenes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new business is taking the gruesome task of cleaning up some of the most gory crimes scenes in Toledo.

Bio-one recently setup a new location in Toledo. They will be the company to come to a crime scene to do the work of cleaning up area after police conclude their investigation.

The company says they hope their work will give family members of victims peace of mind.

Bio-one takes care of scenes from suicides and homicides to hoarding and undiscovered deaths.

As the opioid epidemic continues to grow in northwest Ohio, the company expects more calls to come cleanup the drug lab as well.

"Cleaning up Fentanyl labs or dealing with heroin or things of that nature," said managing director Terrence Pounds. "The police have already been there. They've removed the majority of things they need to remove. So essentially we're going in and we're cleaning up the paraphernalia or any residue that may be left behind."

Since the company started, Pounds said neighbors admit they do not know who they would call to deal with the cleanup. He says it's a small way to help a community in a time of need.

Currently, Bio-one has six employees working in Toledo. They hope to add more crews if the business expands.

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