Rossford leaders hope sports domes will bring big events to city

Rossford leaders hope sports domes will bring big events to city
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ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - Two of the largest sports domes in Ohio recently opened their doors in Rossford.

But with the facilities now open, questions remain on how the city can benefit from the neighboring facilities.

"I envision that this area will become sort of a mecca for sports for Ohio," said Brant Smith, general manger of the Soccer Centre Dome.

The Soccer Centre Dome has already hosted several athletes with several more on deck.

The two facilities, less than a mile apart from each other, will give athletes a place to compete in the cold winters of northwest Ohio.

"Now that we have two facilities," Smith said, "we can provide something other communities can't."

With both domes being near the Ohio Turnpike, Smith says he expects teams from places like Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus coming to Rossford to compete in the new facilities.

"They spend the whole weekend here, so they have to have a place to stay, they have to have a place to eat, so they're spending money," Smith said. "And what it's doing is bringing in money to Rossford."

And with that extra money, Rossford leaders hope more growth is in the future.

"We are coming up with new ideas and we get input everyday from people," Smith said. "So I am certainly open to ideas and working with other local athletic facilities to try to make this the best possible experience for our young athletes."

Smith says soccer, softball and even ultimate frisbee are all booked for the new facility.

He hopes the two domes will look at each other as partners rather than competitors.

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