Love at the center of Valentine's Day wedding ceremony

Love at the center of Valentine's Day wedding ceremony
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Every couple has a story. A story of joy, heartache, laughter and the feelings that make love a most-cherished emotion.

Perhaps no other day are those feelings celebrated more than Valentine's Day, where some couples celebrate their past while others write their new chapter. And beneath the chocolates, roses and diamond necklaces, all couples want to celebrate their passion for each other.

Ernest and Christine Jones were one of many couples taking their vows together at the Lucas County Courthouse.

"I gave her an ultimatum after 10 years of putting up with me," said Ernest Jones. "And she is two years over so I want to make her an honest woman."

Christine accepted the proposal and chose Valentine's as the day to tie the knot.

"It's Valentine's Day, and it's about love," Christine said.

Many other couples chose today for perhaps the same reason. So many that the courthouse brought in a second minister to perform and bless the marriages.

"It's a beautiful expression of love," said minister John Oliver. "Nothing like Valentine's Day and that excites me because you love to see happiness in people's love."

Happiness marked with tears of pure joy. Two rings to signify the marriage and small celebration to follow the ceremony.

As for Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jones, they toasted their marriage with a meal at Cracker Barrel.

Thus a new chapter is written in one of billions of love stories around the world on Valentine's Day.

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