Money Talks News: Why all drones have insurance

Money Talks News: Why all drones have insurance

Money Talks News - If you're one of the millions of Americans who has drone, you know how fun, and even useful they can be.

Like a car, your drone could cause damage to people and property. It can also get lost or stolen, and some of these things don't come cheap. All of which begs the question: Can you insure a drone? Should you?

As it turns out, if you have homeowners insurance, your drone, like all your personal property, could be covered by your policy if it's lost, stolen or damaged. To find out, check the contents coverage of your policy.

But the real danger is liability: getting sued for violating someone's privacy, or accidentally hurting someone with your drone.

Can't happen? It can and has. Will your existing insurance cover you if you hurt someone?

The liability portion of a homeowners or renters policy will probably cover you if you hurt someone. Also covered, if you accidentally get video of a neighbor and they sue you for violating their privacy. But you'll need to check your policy to make sure, or talk to your agent.

Also, if you deliberately hurt someone or deliberately violate their privacy, the insurance will not cover you. If you're using your drone to make money, your insurance won't cover that either. You've got to have commercial insurance for that.

Drones bottom line? Drones are fun, but they're also a responsibility. Make sure yours is registered and that you follow the rules.

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