Let the Countdown Begin: Spring Is Coming!

Let the Countdown Begin: Spring Is Coming!

As we slowly move through the last full month of winter, many of us find ourselves dreaming of warmer weather.

First things first, spring officially begins at 6:28 AM EST on March 20th.

It's no question as to why many of us look forward to that late March day. The bright colors of newly budding flowers, pulling out your deeply buried warm weather clothes or even, hearing those first rumbles of thunder, are all easy reasons to look forward to spring.

Where this season gets its name:

The label 'spring' is theorized to come from the "springing-time" that can be witnessed as green life begins to jump out of the earth's soil. As centuries went on the common season description was shortened from "springing-time" to the more permanent season title of spring.

How/When Spring moves into our region:

Our seasons are controlled by the tilt of the earth’s axis, along with our revolution around the sun. What specifically makes Spring, Spring, starts with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. Sounds fancy right? All it really means is, everyone on the globe will experience exactly 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night on that date.

As the season continues through April, May, and part of June, our days lengthen and our sun exposure strengthens. All of this, is crucial to the changing of the weather that comes along with the changing of days.

Why Spring brings the most dangerous weather:

More direct sunlight comes to our part of the planet in Spring. This allows our temperatures to rise, while also bringing our greatest risk for thunderstorms and severe weather. Spring is known as a 'transitional season', simply meaning a change from cooler to warmer weather. This changing of weather can create an imbalance in the atmosphere as lighter, warm air attempts to push out the heavier, cold air from winter past. This meeting of opposing temperatures and moisture levels, creates an uneven atmosphere that can only be balanced with mixing brought on by storms.

As our severe and warm weather chances increase, the First Alert Weather Team will always bring you the information you need to know, online at wtol.com and on air on FOX 36 and WTOL 11. Before our severe weather season picks up, be sure to download the First Alert Weather App to get all the weather updates you need!