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Whiteford Township to provide water to residents with new facility

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Clean drinking water is coming to a southeastern Michigan community. Whiteford Township was given the green light Wednesday to move ahead with plans for a $9.5 million water project.

This decision will change the way of life for residents who live within Whiteford Township.

Officials say a lot of work and prayer went into this decision as they have been planning for decades.

Finally, for the first time, they are going to be able to provide water to their residents.

"This is a milestone,” said Township Supervisor Walter Ruhl. “To get to the point that we can go out for bid is a milestone for this community."

In a community with bad water, the news of a new water treatment facility means the world.

Several use water from wells, which at times has become contaminated causing sickness.

"Our feeling is if we put in a state of the art water treatment facility we can get rid of the bad stuff and we can get rid of the hardness,” explained Ruhl. “We don't have to put salt in it to get rid of the hardness because we are going to go to a membrane plant. It won't look like anything most people have seen in a water treatment facility."

Water will come from an aquifer 300 feet down and be treated for approximately 220 users to start. In addition to the water treatment plant, the township will have 8.5 miles of water line throughout the community.

"Where we have sewer now things will change,” said Ruhl. “In the village of Ottawa Lake, things will defiantly change in the next five years when they have water. We have people right now that own property that want to put restaurants in and can't because they don't have water, the health department won't let them open. It's a really big deal and it's a really big move for a small township."

Funding for the multi-million dollar project comes half from grants and half from a loan with the USDA rural development.

Residents will be asked to help fund a portion of the cost over 40 years depending on where they live along the water line in Whiteford Township.

Whiteford Township Supervisor Walter Ruhl said they expect to use about 135,000 gallons of water a day and their new system could potentially support three times that.

So while it is capable of providing water for other users, the township plans to use their new facility for their use only to start.

The project will be up for bid on Monday and officials say the planning is expected to take several months, but they could break ground as soon as June.

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