Money Talks News: Making things last longer

Money Talks News: Making it last longer

(Money Talks News) - Making thing you buy last longer, saves you money and can give you the feeling you pay less for the things you buy.

For example, did you know freezing a candle a day before you use it will make it burn slower?

Another thing to freeze is batteries. If you freeze NiMH batteries, you can nearly double the life of the battery.

Want to get twice the life from your sponge? Try cutting it in half. It may not regenerate, but it will absorb just as much.

There are several little ways you can keep your food fresh longer.

Storing items like salsa and spaghetti sauce upside down will help prevent mold so you can extend its life.

Putting a paper town in with your salad will help keep its freshness longer.

Keep your hands off the cheese while cutting it. Bacteria from your fingers can lead to mold growth.

Moving to bathroom, isn't it the worst when your toothpaste runs out before work?

You can cut the tube open. There will usually be some more in the tube.

Not ready to replace your razor blade?

Dry it off and rub it on an old piece of denim. That will help it last longer.

Also, take your soap out of the package and let it dry out before using it. That way, it may not dissolve as fast.

And when you do laundry, try cutting the amount of detergent you use in half. It will likely work just well.

When it comes time to dry your clothes, use the drier as little as possible. It is better on your clothes and your electric bill.

For tips on how to make the items in your home last longer, go to the Money Talks News website and search for "Last Longer."

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