Toledo police noticing trend of thieves stealing prescription narcotics

Toledo police noticing trend of thieves stealing prescription narcotics

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the spreading opiate epidemic, doctors are starting to write fewer narcotic painkiller prescriptions.

However, those who have already been prescribed to narcotics tend to hold on to extra pills.

The Toledo Police crime log shows thieves are breaking into homes and cars solely looking for pills.

Some thieves are looking for a quick high well others are looking to make a quick buck.

Toledo police warn those with a prescription should keep their pills in a locked cabinet so those visiting or children cannot grab them.

Police also say those with elderly family members should keep a daily count of their pills, as they are most vulnerable to thieves stealing prescribed narcotics.

"We see this type of crime all the time," said Lt. Joe Heffernan of Toledo police. "Theft of drugs is a felony. If we are aware it is happening, we will charge who ever is doing it."

Police advise those that are finished with prescribed pain medicine should get rid of it.

There are several drop boxes around Toledo.

Police, along with Kroger stores and other pharmacies around the city, hold drug take-backs several times a year. The next take-back is slated for the end of April.

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