Super Bowl Sunday: Weather Woes

Super Bowl Sunday: Weather Woes

The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed television events of each year in the United States. Last year, the big game brought in over 167 million sets of eyes.

So as you prepare for the big event, maybe by going to a party down the street, enjoying the game at your favorite sports bar or just watching from the comfort of your own couch, weather will play a role. And in some of the past championship games, weather has played a bigger role than you might realize.

HOME FORECAST: Here at home, we are expecting a pretty mild forecast for your travel, or leisurely Super Bowl plans. A slight chances of late day rain is possible with a mild winter feel as temperatures reach the upper 30s by afternoon and remain mild through the evening.

AT LOCATION FORECAST: Houston, where the Falcons and Patriots will kick off at 6:30 p.m. live on FOX 36, will have a very mild forecast looking sunny and 75 to start the big game.

Not all Football Championships past have been so lucky to have a sunny and 75 forecast. Here are the top 3 "worst football championships", at least when it comes to the weather.

#3 The Rainy One, Super Bowl XLI

2007 goes down as the rainiest Super Bowl in history, as rain fell from kick off through the last seconds bringing in 0.92" of rain. In this major Indianapolis Colts victory. which was played in Miami against the Chicago Bears, rain can take some credit in the six first-half turnovers and many missed extra points and field goals along with dwindling crowds.  The Colts won 29 – 17.

#2 The Delayed One, NFL Championship 1948

The very first televised NFL Championship, naturally succumbed to many live television problems. Heavy snow showers had fallen before and during the major rematch game between the Eagles and the Cardinals. This heavy snowfall delayed the start time of the 16th NFL Championship by half an hour and only allowed for a single scoring play through the entire event. The Eagles went on to win with a score of 7 – 0.

#1 The Icy One, NFL Championship 1967

Many know that winters in Wisconsin are known for snow, arctic temperatures and all kinds of unruly winter weather. Well, the winter of 1967-68 delivered quite the curveball on December 31st as the Cowboys met the Packers for what is now known as the "Ice Bowl". Temperature at the time of kick off rang in at -15 Fahrenheit. The game started without delay with the help of heated turf, but by the end of the second quarter the heating machine malfunctioned, allowing for a rapid freeze of the field that caused a slippery show down between Dallas and Green Bay. The Packers went on to win it 21 – 17.

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