Money Talks News: The best things in life are free

Money Talks News: The best things in life are free

(Money Talks News) - Getting stuff is fun, but paying for it is usually not so fun. But there are valuable things you can get without paying a dime.

Free preventative health care is one necessity you can get for free. Because of the Affordable Care Act, if you have health insurance, preventative care is free.

Drugs can also free if you know where to look. Some supermarkets offer select free prescription drugs. So next time you visit the store, ask the pharmacist or your healthcare provider was drugs may be free.

As we head into the New Year's and spring only a few months away, many people are looking to get back into shape.

Many cities provide free places to work out, particularly in parks. YouTube and your local library are a good source for free workout videos.

If you are planning a trip soon, there are several places you can see for free.

The National Parks Service offer free admission days. You can check online to see when they are. Of course, any museum run by the Smithsonian are paid for by your tax dollars and you never have to pay admission to those.

Looking for some free knowledge?

Stores like Apple and Home Depot offer free workshops.

Websites like Cousera and Saylor help you find free university courses from top universities across the country.

Free e-books are offered all over the place through Amazon or your local library.

If you have a credit cards, free plane tickets, hotel rooms, and many other services are available to those using rewards.

Long distance video calls are free through Skype.

You can also get free storage for your digital files through Dropbox, Windows OneDrive, and Google Drive.

While life is not getting cheaper, this list is only the beginning of the things you can get free with a little research. For more information, head to the Money Talks News website and search "free."

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