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ProMedica to ramp down Toledo Hospital Residency Program in future

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ProMedica announced it will ramp down its residency program at the Toledo Hospital location.

They currently have 18 resident doctors who will finish their training by 2019, but the training program will not accept new residents.

Shock and awe is what patients and previous residents of the WW Knight Family Practice residency program thought when they first heard the news. They wonder what will happen next.

"I'm going to have to find new doctors,”said Jamie Stevens, a patient of WW Knight since 1999. “Like it's not just for myself, but for my husband, and my four children I have to worry about. We have to figure out where we're going to go, who we are going to be seeing, can we all see the same person? It's a lot of questions that aren't going to be fun to answer if WW Knight closes."

ProMedica says it will be a slow process and they will help patients transition to a new doctor with their medical records. They say they are not walking away from patient care, but working to improve it for the future generation by offering more resident training at their Monroe location.

"It's important to train primary care physicians,” said Chief Physician Executive Dr. Lee Hammerling, ProMedica Health System. “Doing this at this particular time allows us to be efficient in the use of resources, we can actually train more family medicine residents in a couple years than we have the last couple of years. We are also going to be able to train some internal medicine residents in general primary care and that’s an area that we are really undeserved in, not only locally, but in the regions as well."

ProMedica says they will be able to train 24 residents in Monroe, but no official timeline has been revealed for that expansion. The Toledo Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program at WW Knight has about 21,000 patient encounters a year. While ProMedica says the transition will happen slowly and they will help patients, previous residents of the program are concerned.

"I still worry about the patients we see, they are obviously not going to be able to make the trek up to Monroe to see a family doctor there, so that still continues to be a concern of mine,” explained Dr. Holly Dickman, an osteopathic family physician at Sylvan Lakes Family Physicians. “Monroe has only graduated one class so far from my understanding, so we don't know yet what they are going to contribute to the community of Toledo. Right now, we know 65% of Toledo Hospital's WW Knight graduates stay in town, we don't know if we are going to get those same results from Monroe. It also takes a lot of time to build the reputation that WW Knight has."

Some who disagree with the decision to stop the residency program at WW Knight in the future have created an online petition in effort to change ProMedica’s mind. They have also created a Facebook page to educate the public on the residency program and raise awareness for what they do.

ProMedica officials say they understand the disappointment, but believe this is the right decision for their future.

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