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Recovering heroin addict discusses possible loss of health insurance

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The possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act is fear for many recovering from addiction.

Senator Sherrod Brown hosted a round table discussion Friday in Toledo with major health care providers.

Dana Pavel, a recovering heroin addict, was also at the meeting. She says without the Affordable Care Act, she would have never received the treatment that saved her life.

"I will be a year clean this month, and it is because of the expansion of the Affordable Health Care Act that allowed me to receive the Vivitrol shot last January that has gotten me to where I am now," said Pavel. "That has completely changed my life,"

Pavel said she first tried to get treatment in 2011 but was turned away.

"Nobody that would accept my insurance,” she explained. “They only wanted money. You know $1,000 or more. That was not something I could do. So, obviously I did not get clean."

Senator Sherrod Brown said Dana is like many young Americans across the country who are now covered by the Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act.

"For a lot of people making eight and ten dollars an hour, this is a decision they're making that will have a terrible impact on lots of people,” said Sen. Brown. “People will lose their insurance."

"We're just going to see more deaths,” Pavel said. “We're going to lose more people. It's going to hurt our community. If it is repealed I can only hope that there's something to replace it."

President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled have repealing the Affordable Care Act at the top of their list.

Americans like Pavel will then have to wait to see what the replacement might be.

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