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Don't Waste Your Money: What will cost more or less in 2017

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Several prices are on the rise in 2017, but there many items dropping in prices going into the new year.

In the grocery store, beef, eggs, avocados and coffee are down as shortages of those products ease.

Egg prices alone are down 40 percent from their peak a year ago, during the bird flu panic.

Planning to travel?

Small cars are not selling well with cheaper gas, making them less expensive on the market.

Economy airline seats are also down, especially for those who wait until check-in to get their seat assignment.

One necessity with prices on the rise is prescription drugs.

The government expects drug prices to jump another twelve percent in 2017 after an eleven percent rise last year.

While the government does say consumer prices are up just two percent, the prescription bills will likely wipe out the savings where prices are down.

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