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Law for cancer-stricken firefighters gives back to heroes, says local woman

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Statistics show firefighters are 50 percent more likely to develop cancer. 

A state bill signed into law will help our local heroes with cancer related medical bills.

Rhonda Charles says her brother Scott Plowman died of cancer years after fighting the fire at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Scott was not a Toledo firefighter, but Rhonda works in Toledo at the Ursuline Center.

Pictures of Scott are on display behind her desk.

"Gave him 18 months to live at 44 years old," said Rhonda. "That's hard. That's devastating."

Rhonda says she and her brother knew there were cancer risks associated with a career as a firefighter. 

Why did he do it then?

"Cause he loved being a firefighter. He loved helping others," said Rhonda. 

The bill governor John Kasich signed into law Wednesday will allow firefighters diagnosed with certain cancers to receive more worker's compensation benefits.

Rhonda says this will give back to those who have given so much.

"I think it means extra security for the firefighter for himself to know that they're not going to be a burden when they pass for their family, and if they survive the cancer, that they don't have mounting medical bills and a lot of issues," said Rhonda.

Ohio is now one of 35 states in the country with this kind of legislation. 

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