Money Talks News: Finding the right credit counselor

Money Talks News: Finding the right credit counselor

Money Talks News - This is the time of the year when many of us resolve to get in better shape: both physically and financially.

If you're in really bad physical shape, you might start with a trip to the doctor.

And if you're in bad financial shape? You might start with trip to a debt doctor, also known as a credit counselor.

"We determine what their problems are, we determine what their resources are to solve those problems, and then we'll address what a consumer's different options are, describe the advantages and disadvantages, and help them figure out what's right to accomplish their goals," said Gary Herman, a Consolidated Credit Counseling Services.

A credit counselor can offer you free advice, maybe help you set up a budget.

And if you need something like a debt management plan, they will essentially get between you and your creditors and help you establish a budget you can actually live with.

A lot of these services are either cheap or even totally free.

"All of our counseling, all of our financial education and all of our community outreach is all done at no charge. And that's because the debt management program and the support that we get from the creditors helps cover our educational expenses," Herman said.

Of course, like any other business, all counselors aren't equal.

You want a company that's reputable and a counselor that's certified and trained.

And above all, you want to avoid anyone that acts more like a salesman than an actual counselor.

But if you're in debt trouble, or just need some advice, there's no price like cheap and there's no time like now.

For more information, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "Credit Counseling."

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