Money Talks News: Saving money for 2017

Money Talks News: Saving money for 2017

(Money Talks News) - Spending money is easy, but saving it is an entirely different art. But if you'd like to end the year richer than you started it, it is doable.

To do that, you need a goal.

"It's the kind of thing you have to remember on a daily basis, that you have a long-term goal, because again, the voice in your head every day is going to be telling you, you deserve to spend $7 on a cup of coffee. You work hard. You're stressed out," said Gary Herman of Consolidated Credit Counseling.

Here are some steps that can help inflate your bank account.

First, set a savings goal. It needs to be a specific amount you will save along with a specific date you will have it done. Treat it like a bill.

Second, break that goal into manageable chunks. If you want $1,000 more in your account, then save $20 a week.

Third, use a budgeting app to track your expenses, then make an effort to spend less. Trim the fat in your budget.

And don't just say it, live it.

"Knowing how to do it, reading about it, watching videos on it, no offense, all great things," said Herman. "But if you don't take what you learn and practice it, again, it's the same as reading a book on golf without every swinging a club."

If you're not saving, the reason why is probably because either you don't have a goal, you are not tracking your expenses or you are just not motivated.

For more information on how to save money of the new year, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "saving money."

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