Money Talks News: Putting stocks in the stocking

Money Talks News: Putting stocks in the stocking
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(Money Talks News) - If you plan your child's future correctly, they could be floating through life stress and worry free, at least when it comes to money. And one gift idea to get them saving is to find their favorite things and buy into that company's stock.

For example if your kid likes animals, then buy shares of Petco or PetSmart. Or if they like eating out, buy them stock in McDonald's. If they like toys, try buying stock in Disney or Mattel.

How about clothes? You may find some of their favorite fashion companies are publicly traded. Tech stocks are also quite popular. Facebook, Apple, and Google are all good stocks.

And when you get a share of the stock, try to get the physical certificate so they can see what it looks like. That makes the whole experience more real for them. And if you cannot get one, make one yourself.

There are other ideas to help your kids start building an early nest-egg. Contributing to a Roth IRA, a college savings account, or a US Savings Bond can help them build a stronger financial future.

But don't just give the stock and forget it. Help the kids what's going understand what is going on and follow their companies. So if your child is pro-Coke or pro-Pepsi, show them how their favorite drink's stock rises and falls compared to their stock's competitor.

Stocks may seem boring, but there is a bright side. They do not wear out, do not use batteries, and could change your kids' futures for the better.

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