Money Talks News: Keeping your paperwork organized

Money Talks News: Keeping your paperwork organized

(Money Talks News) - Despite the digital revolution, you may still have a lot of paperwork lying around. And all that paperwork can easily have you rummaging through receipts, bills, and legal documents for hours until you find what you need.

Being disorganized with your paperwork can end up costing you plenty of money.

Mindy Noble makes her living organizing paperwork for her clients. She says the first thing you should do is keep what you need the most at any given time close to you.

"That your most active files are right next you. Things you use all the time are right next to you," Noble said. "Because if they're far away from you, you won't touch them, you won't use them, you won't take action."

She says labeling your documents is also crucial for staying organized.

"This is my client's best friend. It's called a labeler," Noble said. "The reason why it's important is because when you're looking for a file, you would like to have everything uniform. It's easy on the eye."

She says don't simply alphabetize your files. Instead color-code them in separate categories.

"For instance, yellow is your most active bills, green is for your credit cars, blue is for your insurance policies, and red is for your tax files," Noble said.

Another easy way to organize a ton of paper is to use a scanner and digitize everything. That what you can find what you are looking for on the computer.

However you choose to organize, doing so can save you both valuable time and money.

For more information on organizing paperwork like how long to keep files, check the Money Talks News website and do a search for "organizing."

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