$1 billion could be allocated to fight opiate epidemic

$1 billion could be allocated to fight opiate epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A $6.3 billion dollar bill is at the hands of the House in Washington, and $1 billion will be for the heroin epidemic.

If this bill does pass in Washington, it is supposed to prioritize money to areas needing it most, and local leaders are hoping this means Northwest Ohio would get its fair share.

This money would be coming from the 21st Century Cures Initiative. A bill sponsored by Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp says he is already working with people to work to bring as much of this money to our area if this passes.

The bill would support prevention, treatment and education regarding opiates, and Lt. Robert Chromik of DART says Lucas County is already setting the
tone for this problem.

He says that everyone is joining forces from nonprofits to government leaders to help our community, and this money could help them expand their efforts.

"We are being funded to go out there and treat this epidemic and if that funding comes in that'll help everyone, tremendously," Chromik said. "Add more staff, add more education to the community, add more education to those addicts that are out there."

The House is set to vote on the bill this week.

Sheriff Tharp believes the people in Washington understand how badly this money is needed.

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