TechHire Initiative comes to Toledo

TechHire Initiative comes to Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Thursday, a small group gathered inside of Seed Co-working to watch a live stream announcement from Washington D.C.

National leaders announced 20 communities nationwide, including Toledo, who would be added to the TechHire Initiative. The group already has a national network of 70 cities.

"TechHire designation is going to enable us to train people who are not in the job market in nontraditional, fast track ways with the skills that are needed by our local employers," said Councilwoman Sandy Spang.

The initiative does not come with any money. However, community leaders say it will help Toledo get money from gr ants.

TechHire is a network to help and share ways to find workers and get them ready to enter a job in the information technology.

Keith Instone, the co-founder of Tech Toledo says anyone can take advantage of this as early as they like.

Anyone interested can apply at Northwest State Community College for an IT degree.

"They could start in January and after 16 weeks, they could be out of the program and we already have a dozen employers that are ready to talk to them about possibly hiring them," said Instone.

Councilwoman Spang says there has been plenty of interest from companies moving to Toledo, but they express concern about the ability to fill their positions. She hopes this changes that.

"Especially people who aren't out in the job force right now, we can get them ready," Sprang said. "I think it's going to make a difference in being able to bring businesses to Toledo."

Both Spang and Instone accredit this to community leaders working together to bring jobs to Northwest Ohio. The goal is to get 100 people from Northwest Ohio in training and placed in an IT job within the next few years.

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