Athlete of the Week: Jeryn Reese

Jeryn Reese

(WTOL) - For Jeryn Reese, the game of basketball is a family affair.

"My dad has been a basketball coach my life so it just made it easier. My mom played basketball, my two brothers do, so it's just been a family thing for
forever," Reese said.

The sophomore forward came to Owens with intentions of surpassing her parents on the court.

"When I got here I just wanted to outdo them," she said.

And now she's the leading scorer for the undefeated Owens team. She's also one of the top junior college sophomores in the country, averaging 13.7 points and six rebounds per game, and making her a pivotal part of the program's success.

"She is the cornerstone of our team. You know, she leads us. She had a lot of second chance opportunities, diving on the floor, does a lot of the little
things," said Mike Llanas, Owens head coach.

But if you ask Jeryn, she attributes her success to her teammates.

"We play so well together, so they make it easy for me to do basically anything. And when I'm not on, they are, so it just makes it a lot easier for us to win games," she said.

And while her talents have led her to sign with La Salle University, a NCAA Division I school in Philadelphia, Jeryn isn't losing sight of the goals for
her final season at Owens.

"I think it's been awhile since Owens has gotten a National Championship, so that's what I really want to accomplish. We made it really close, we got fifth
last year, the year before that we got third, so I'm trying to go all the way," she said.

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