Athlete of the Week: Trevor Pennell

Athlete of the Week: Trevor Pennell

WHITEHOUSE, OH (WTOL) - Anthony Wayne is having its best season in school history.

The Generals are about to play in the third round of the state playoffs, and that's where WTOL found its athlete of the week.

Last Friday, the Generals had their hands full with Avon Lake. It was a high-powered offense, but two plays stood out.

Trevor Pennell had not one but two interceptions, helping snuff out Avon Lake drives.

The Anthony Wayne defense had five turnovers in all. AW had to hold on for dear life, but they held on, winning 14-6.

The team will take on Lexington Friday night in a regional championship and a spot in the division two final four in Ohio.

"It felt great. I loved every second of it. I enjoyed playing in it. It was the best feeling of my life. But I had some ups and downs, I had some bad plays, I had some good plays. My good plays overshadowed my bad plays, so I was just up the whole time mostly," said Pennell. "Oh I love it. Every play on defense. Were tight, were all brothers. Even if one of us makes a mistake, we always try to pick them up and stuff like that."

"I don't think I saw a smile leave his face, getting on the bus, going in the locker room, that's the most excited I've ever seen him," said Anthony Wayne Coach Andy Brungard.

Football is a team sport. Pressure on the quarterback can help a guy like Pennell make the two interceptions that helped the Generals advance.

Now, they live for another week.

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