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BBB: Don't fall for a FREE money scam

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Consumers are cheated in many ways, but one characteristic is common - a phone call telling you something you really want to hear!

Claims of free money or easy money are the doorways to scams.

A caller from the Federal Government Grant Assistance Center calls to tell you that you may qualify for a free government grant.

She asks your age, income, and other questions, then says you qualify for thousands of dollars in government or corporate grants.

You’ll need to pay a few thousand dollars upfront but, she says, you’ll get the fees back when you get your grant, which you can use for anything.

Or you get a call from Amazon. They offer you a website that will bring you thousands in commissions when people use it to link to and make purchases.

You need to pay several hundred dollars, but that you’ll earn your money back and more in no time.

Calls like these are “A pack of lies”. The FTC has just shut down a Phoenix telemarketing company that stole millions from victims.

They used names like US Federal Grant Department, Associates Program, and Amazon Affiliate Program.

People who paid them got nothing. There are NO free government grants. Amazon does not call you.

“Free money” phone calls are always scams! 

If you find yourself the victim of a scam, report it to the Better Business Bureau by calling (419) 531-3116 or toll free at 1-800-743-4222. 

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