Athlete of the Week: Fred Fabrizio and Drew Ronskin

Athlete of the Week: Fred Fabrizio and Drew Ronskin
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TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - Fred Fabrizio and Drew Ronskin have a unique distinction in northwest Ohio. The two compete in two sports for two different schools.

The two athletes both love football whether it's American football or soccer. The pair take to the gridiron for Tiffin Calvert, where they actually attend school, then take to the pitch for Tiffin Columbian.

"I played soccer ever since I was young, and then I planned on playing football when I grew up. And I love all the sports, both very much," Fabrizio said. "So  it's something I couldn't see myself not doing."

"Having them both at the same time just makes me more busy, and I like to be busy," Ronskin said.

The pair go to football practice first, then they over to soccer practice afterward.

"Having practices all throughout the evening, and then if I have a lot of homework or something, I'll be up kinda late," Ronskin said.

'Last year I kinda did it  alone because [Drew] didn't play soccer last year," Fabrizio said, "because the things just didn't work out. So it was pretty nice to talk to him about practice and to be there from practice to practice."

Both young men say they give it their all no matter what sport they are playing.

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