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Fulton Co. Children Services release alarming statistic concerning heroin epidemic

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The heroin epidemic is not slowing down in our area, and new numbers coming out Thursday from the Fulton County Children Services are staggering.

About 43 percent of the kids coming into their care have fallen victim to their parent's opioid addiction.

The State of Ohio has seen a 19 percent increase since 2009 in children being placed in temporary homes. In Fulton county, that number is 67 percent.

The Fulton County Job and Family services is doing their best to keep up.

Holly Cade said, "This an ongoing process, it's not just one treatment and we're done. And we've repeatedly seen that, not just here in Fulton County but in other counties as well. So, it's a process."

Social supervisors from Fulton County said they work to limit the effect on these kids during this process. Trying to keep them in the same community and placing them in the care of a family member lessen the pain for the kids.

Maurine Clymer said, "We notify relatives, and we look for someone who is willing and able and appropriate. They do have to meet certain safety standards.”

Fulton County social supervisors say through placing children with relatives, it also decreases the financial need.

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