Guest Editorial with Chrys Peterson: Issue 22 supports library's important role in community

I've been visiting the library for as long as I can remember. When I was young, we didn't have money to buy books, so borrowing at the library was my gateway to reading, especially the bookmobile!

\When it parked at our apartment complex, we would run to get inside and choose our books for the week.

When I had my own daughter, we spent a lot of time at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. The library fostered Riley's love of reading when she was just a toddler and has contributed to her success as a high school honors student.

But libraries aren't just about books anymore.

They're about technology, meeting space and connection. Librarians take materials to homebound card-holders, help people learn important computer skills, offer support resources to local businesses and creative space for local artists.

In fact, an independent economist who recently audited the Toledo Lucas County Public Library found that for every dollar we invest in the library, four dollars comes back to our local economy in some way.

Now that's an investment plan I can really get behind!

In the story of my life, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library is included in several chapters - I know many of you feel the same way, because nearly 70 percent of you have library cards in your wallets!

So remember: on Nov. 8, vote yes for Issue 22 - Our library really needs you!