Athlete of the Week: Ally and Angie Speweik

Ally and Angie Speweik

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As the old saying goes: there's power in numbers.

For the Notre Dame Academy volleyball team, that has been the case this year- especially for two seniors on the Eagles' roster Ally and Angie Speweik.

The twins share everything, from clothes and friends to the love the game.

"It's amazing. I always have someone who's there to support me," Angie said. "And she picks me up when I'm down, and I can't imagine playing volleyball without her."

"Having her, and her doing well, makes me want to do well," Ally said. "And when she succeeds, I want to succeed. But if I don't, I'm always happy for her, and it's just a really healthy competition."

The twins also share quite the list of accolades, eleven awards to be exact. Among those are Ally's All-Ohio third team honors last year. So far this year, both were named to the All-TRAC first team.

"We're tough on each other, but we appreciate it in the end," Angie said.

While the Speweik twins may seem all business on the court, they still know how to have fun.

"We switch headbands, and that works a lot," Ally said.

"I can't tell them apart from behind definitely, but even with their profile I can't tell them apart," said Jeff Pitzen, Notre Dame head coach. "So I have to look at them straight on to decide which one's which."

Coach Jeff Pitzen is a twin himself and has bittersweet thoughts as the Speweiks are nearing the end of their high school careers.

"Obviously having two of them who are talented makes it nice for us to have two girls who want to come to our schools and contribute. But then, you know, on a negative side, having them both leave next year is going to be difficult," Pitzen said.

Ally and Angie have been playing volleyball together since they were 12-years-old and say they want to continue their careers together in college. But that thought's in the back of their minds. They have a senior season to finish first.

"The goal is to make it as far as we can, and work ourselves as hard as we can, so we know we left everything on the court," Angie said.

"Since we all share the same thoughts and goals and stuff it's really easy to come together and achieve that," Ally said.

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