A mother's legacy: Husband honors late wife's wishes to publish book

A mother's legacy: Husband honors late wife's wishes to publish book

DELTA, OH (WTOL) - A father in Delta, who just lost his wife to breast cancer, has an emotional message for other families facing the disease.

WTOL 11 first met Tatum Bowerman-Hummel in January, when she talked about the importance of early detection and the need for more treatment options to be made available for late-stage, metastatic breast cancer.

Among Tatum's last wishes was that her advocacy continue. That's why her husband, Chris Hummel, is finishing the book she started writing before she passed away.

Even while in Hospice care, Tatum reached thousands of others on social media.

And in the midst of his grief, her husband's passion now is to finish what she started.

"She continued to fight," Chris says about Tatum's two battles with breast cancer. "She fought harder than anyone I know. She didn't give up hope, but she was just adamant that this was going to help other people."

In August, after two rounds of battling breast cancer in the span of two years, she passed away.

Like most mothers, Tatum was at the center of her husband and three children's world.

"She called them her three tiny heartbeats," Chris says.

Even as Tatum's disease progressed, her husband says, she continued to find ways to reach out to others.

Staff at the Hickman Cancer Center got emotional remembering how Tatum reached out to them during her treatment.

In January, Tatum talked with WTOL about her battle and her passion to raise awareness about frequent checks, and trusting your intuition about your own body.

Now, her husband is finishing a book Tatum has written about her life since her first diagnosis with breast cancer in 2014, called "Tatum Untied."

"She had wanted to write a book since before I met her, and couldn't come up with the right topic," Chris says, "But virtually the moment she was diagnosed, she knew 'this is what I'm supposed to do.'"

And the lessons she taught in her own life are what her husband wants to use to encourage others who are facing this disease.

Tatum called it "finding your sweet spot" no matter how bad your day might be.

"Live every day like it could be your last because tomorrow really isn't guaranteed," her husband tells us. "Find the things in life that make you happy and focus on those."

You can track Chris's progress to publish the book that Tatum started before she lost her battle to breast cancer. Just follow her page on Facebook.

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