Athlete of the Week: Zak Kirk

Athlete of the Week: Zak Kirk

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Senior Zac Kirk from Maumee may be the best runner in Northwest Ohio, and possibly the best runner in all of Ohio.

Kirk is one of those athletes that does not let life pass him by. He is always on the go.

Kirk has six NLL title in cross country and track. But he did not always see himself as a runner.

"It was one day in 7th grade gym," Kirk remembers. "I was running the mile and had a pretty good time. Coach asked me to go out for track, so I did. I really like it, especially when you realize hard work can pay big results."

"The big change was his sophomore year," says Kirk's coach Craig Snyder. "Strange as it may sound, we had to slow him down at practice so he could run faster on the weekends. The effects happened quickly. He went from 16.22 in a 5K his sophomore year to 15.21 his junior year."

Zac is training this week for the first leg of the state championship. He is hoping to claim his first championship before finishing his high school career.

"I'm running more miles," Kirk said. "It means more training, just keep doing what we're doing. Just more of it."

He's looking at colleges right now. He is leaning toward heading west to Northern Ohio.

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