Forsythe Street denied speed bumps but traffic study confirms speeding

Forsythe Street denied speed bumps but traffic study confirms speeding

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There are new developments on a fight that some east side neighbors are having with speeders.

The results are in on a traffic study the city conducted on Forsythe Street.

We first showed you the problem in June.

It's a posted 25 mile per hour speed limit on Forsythe, off of Woodville Road, but a lot of drivers aren't obeying it.
We helped residents get petitions to sign and turn into the city, to try to get speed bumps there.

Neighbor Jeremy Ketron said he just received a letter from the Division of Transportation, that said they were denied speed bumps. That's because there are around 500 cars per day on Forsythe and you have to have a minimum of 1,500.

The traffic study also showed there is speeding going on there. Eighty-five percent of drivers were going below 32 miles per hour but 15 percent were going 32 mph or higher. That's seven miles per hour over the limit.

The letter also said Transportation would forward this information to the police department to help them identify specific times that speeding is happening.

Resident Adam Ziegler said, "At least let them get a first-hand view of it and stuff so they can see for themselves. They can probably judge better than I can and have radar guns and do percentage wise and everything. But I would advise to have speed bumps because they're pretty much long blocks for these small city blocks so people get up to speed really easy."

We'll let you know if police do crack down on speeders here on Forsythe.

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