Athlete of the Week: Taylor Rollins

Taylor Rollins

PORT CLINTON, OH (WTOL) - Port Clinton's football team is off to a perfect 7-0 start. If you're going to have a perfect season, you have to get contributions from everyone. That includes the kicker. And that's why Taylor Rollins is our Athlete of the Week.

On Thursdays, Port Clinton gets all of their kicking work in, because that's when Taylor Rollins is available. Before the season started, Beau Carmon was looking for a kicker, and he left no stone unturned.

"It's no different than having any other placekicker on your football team," says Carmon.

To be fair, this is a little different. Taylor is a girl playing with all guys. Something no one at Port Clinton seems to mind.

"She just happens to be the best place kicker in our school," says Carmon. "We're fortunate to have her on our team. I haven't really gotten into the whole gender thing. She's good and I think in the game of football, you have to be tough- it doesn't matter what position you play. She's physically and mentally tough which is why she's successful."

"They're all amazing," says Rollins. "We're like brothers and sister, we're family.  We all laugh, whether we're out on the football field or just hanging out somewhere. We're all together and really there's no difference. Yeah I'm a girl, but I still play football and that's how they treat me."

Taylor is also a member of the girls soccer team at Port Clinton. So she splits her time during the week. But on the football field, she earned the respect of her team two weeks ago when she was called on to make a crucial late-game kick to seal a victory.

"Really, I turned and looked at her and said 'are you ready to go?'" says Carmon. "She said 'yes coach.'"

"Honest, I was so nervous," says Rollins. "I almost puked and my cousin came up to me and he was just like 'Taylor, you've gotta calm down, you've gotta calm down.' I was like 'Alright, I got this.'"

"They were very confident in her in the first place, but they're even that much more confident in her now," says Carmon.

"It's something that I've always wanted to do," says Rollins. "I grew up playing backyard football with my cousins and my friends. People told me I probably couldn't do it, that I wouldn't be good enough. I just wanted to prove them wrong. When someone tells me something that I can't do, it makes me work harder and I want to accomplish that."

Rollins and Port Clinton are gearing up for a crucial game against 6-1 Clyde, where Rollins' clutch foot could help seal a victory and the conference for the Redskins.

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