GUEST EDITORIAL: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library wants your vote come November

GUEST EDITORIAL: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library wants your vote come November

Hello, I'm Michael Dansack, Board Trustee of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library.

I appeal to you today because of the critical impact the library's operating levy has on our community - with 70 percent of our population being Library card holders, this impacts many of you directly.

The Levy, which is on the November 8 ballot, accounts for more than half of the Library's operating budget. Imagine in your own lives if you lost more than half of your income? This levy is critical and your library needs your support.

Here are some facts:

  • 80% of Issue 22 is NOT a new tax.
  • The levy would cost an additional 8 cents a day for the owner of a $100,000 home.
  • The money from this levy would restore what our customers lost due to state funding cuts, and help us meet the growing needs of the many and diverse communities we serve.

Our library locations are crucial to the neighborhoods they serve and represent beacons of hope to many.

I'm proud of what the library accomplishes on a daily basis to engage and improve the quality of life of people in this community. We offer WiFi and computers to those who can't afford it in their homes, hold storytimes for young readers, make deliveries to senior residence facilities, help students with homework and assist business owners with research to grow their businesses.

We are grateful for the trust and support you have shown and take the spending of your tax dollars very seriously. The health of your library system – its ability to grow futures, create opportunity, and transform lives - depends on the support of its community.

Your Library Needs You. Please Vote FOR Issue 22.

Thank you.