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Don't Waste Your Money: Target pharmacy switch causes complaint over new bottles

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Higher prices and staff changes are just a couple of complaints from people when it comes to Target pharmacies switching over to CVS. Surprisingly, the biggest complaint of all is the bottles. 

Mark Anderson, one customer of the Target pharmacy, didn't see a problem with the switch at first, until one day they changed their pill bottles. 

"Well the biggest change was of course the bottle," Anderson said. "We don't have the distinctive red bottle anymore."

Target pharmacies were loved for their bottles with the easy-to-read print and colors that helped prevent mix ups.

"It's got a colored band, a different color for each family member, so it's easy to keep track," Anderson said.

Target customers like Anderson say that these were the best childproof caps they have ever encountered. Difficult for a child to open but easy for an adult.

The new CVS bottles are a standard issue yellow. Some customers are so unhappy that they are filing a petition drive on asking for the old bottles back. 

A CVS spokesperson said they had to switch to "the same prescription used by all CVS pharmacies, but we are exploring options for a next generation prescription labeling system."

Target said they no longer have any control over the pharmacy.

For now, Anderson said he didn't get much encouragement from his store.

"They just kind of shrugged and said well that's the way it is," Anderson said. 

Target and CVS still have all the patients with the red bottles, so if enough people complain, then maybe they will come back.

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