Lucas Co. Health Dept. defends Narcan from critics

Lucas Co. Health Dept. defends Narcan from critics

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The heroin antidote, Naloxone or Narcan, has been life-saving. But some critics say they're worried it is being used as a safety blanket for people who simply want to get high.

Leaders with the Lucas County Health Department, however, are defending the drug, saying it saves lives.

"You see those people who come in and are just desperate because they want to help out their loved one, and this is an avenue for them to do that," said Shannon Lands with the health department.

"I don't think anyone purposely goes out to overdose and try and die and have their respiratory system shut down," Lt. Bobby Chromik with the Lucas County DART Team.

Narcan kits are free at the Health Department for those with training and without insurance.

Right now, they're allowing one kit per person every 48 hours to cut down on misuse.

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