TPS kick off bullying prevention month at Whittier Elementary

TPS kick off bullying prevention month at Whittier Elementary

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Public Schools kicked off Bullying Prevention Month Wednesday. An assembly held at one school directly affected by negative peer pressure, giving students the opportunity to hear the importance of standing together.

TPS leaders gathered at Whittier Elementary to remind students not just today, but every day, they should be standing together, and standing up to bullying.

This event had special meaning at Whittier Elementary as these students lost two of their classmates earlier this year, due to the chocking game, according to police.

TPS leaders, Mayor Hicks-Hudson, as well as high school students from the district all spoke addressing the importance being positive influences to other students. Then, everyone in the room stood up, and joined arms, visibly demonstrating, they are standing together.

Dr. Durant, superintendent of TPS, says to make an impact in the district, these students must realize the impact each of them can make.

"That they understand that they are valued and they have a gift of leadership to influence, whether it's just influence what's in the home, influence what's in the neighborhood, they have an opportunity to influence what's in the schools. And we want to make sure that they have all of the vehicles to do that," said Dr. Durant.

Dr. Durant hopes the event, along with other future anti-bullying events in the district, remind students of the importance of standing up to bullying and negative peer pressure.
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