Glendale-Feilbach opens new 'Don't Quit' Fitness Center

Glendale-Feilbach opens new 'Don't Quit' Fitness Center

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A big face in fitness helped a local school open its new fitness center Tuesday.

Jake Steinfeld with the Governor's Fitness Council cut the ribbon for Glendale-Feilbach Elementary School's new "Don't Quit" Fitness Center.

The school was chosen, along with two others in Ohio as a National Fitness Champion for finding innovative ways to promote physical activity.

Andrew Duncan | Glendale-Feilbach Elementary school Principal

"We just want students to get the most opportunity they can to be active, to be healthy," said Principal Andrew Duncam. "Childhood obesity is a big issue across the country right now and we want to make sure we model to students the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle."

Ohio Governor John Kasich also declared October "Don't Quit Fitness Month," encouraging students to get up and move.

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