Don't Waste Your Money: New car glitches

Don't Waste Your Money: New car glitches

(Don't Waste Your Money) - Today's new cars have so many great safety features, but could the anti-theft feature on some luxury cars be too good?

Mercena Trevathan's 2012 BMW 3 Series was her dream car until a nightmare malfunction locked her inside for two hours.

Trevathan says she got in, pushed the 'On' button, but the car wouldn't start. The doors and windows also would not open.

"I was sweating and everything," Trevathan said, "the only thing going through my mind was I am gonna die."

So she called BMW roadside assistance asking them to open it remotely.

She says BMW kept trying to send a signal to open up her car, but since she was inside the locked garage, the signal wouldn't go through.

She ended up calling 911, which sent police.

"We tried the door handles, we tried the door locks, we tried the trunk released," Sergeant Greg Stidd said. "So we just decided to break the window at that point."

Police smashed a rear window and got Trevathan out of the car safely.

"I probably would have suffocated in that car, you know," Trevathan said. "Nobody would have known that I was in the car."

The BMW dealer said they believe a rare battery malfunction is to blame, but this is becoming an issue with several other luxury car brands.

BMW of North America said they are continuing to investigating Trevathan's case, but they will reimburse her fro all the repair costs.

But her message to others is always have your cell phone on you, so you can call for help if you need it.

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