Hancock County Schools to install 'the boot' on all classroom doors

Hancock County Schools to install 'the boot' on all classroom doors
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A public meeting was held at Findlay High School on a new safety feature schools across Hancock County plan to add.

The device is called the boot, and would help prevent entry into a classroom in the event of an emergency. To use it all you have to do is just grab it, d rop it in the slot on the door, and then you have an instant layer of protection to keep people out.

That's why the superintendent of Hancock County and the sheriff are pushing for all the schools in the county to have the boot.

"It's a very economical, but efficient way to help protect our students. I mean that's the bottom line," said Larry Busdecker, Superintendent of Hancock County Educational Service Center.

"Being in charge of all the safety of all the people in the county, I feel it's very important we protect the children from today's society and what may happen," said Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman.

Parents, teachers, and students attended the meeting on Thursday to learn more about the boot and for many, the reaction was positive.

"I think it's a really interesting idea and it's going to be really great to put in schools," said Claire Whipkey, a student at Findlay High School.

"The kids need a way to protect themselves and the teachers need a way to protect themselves," said parent Toni Altavar.

"It's nice that they'll have an action plan and something fairly easy to get to that's not going to be questioned," said parent Amanda Miller.

It will cost the district nearly $420,000 to put the boot on more than 1,800 doors across the district.

Fundraising by schools across the county will help foot the bill. The goal is to have them installed by the end of the school year.
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