Toledo homicides up, including domestic violence related

Toledo homicides up, including domestic violence related

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police Chief George Kral presented what he calls a 'snapshot of crime' to members of Toledo City Council Thursday, including a breakdown by district.

Chief Kral compared from Jan. 1, 2015 to Sept. 28, 2015  to the same time frame in 2016. While some crime, like robbery, aggravate assault, and theft by motor vehicle are all down, homicide is way up.

"People shot are up nine percent this year, and homicides are up 35 percent this year," said Kral.

Kral says the city currently has 23 homicides, which equals about 2.3 homicides a month. That means at this rate, we could end the year with roughly 30 homicides.

Chief Kral says so far, one was gang related, three had to do with bars and alcohol, two were in retaliation from a previous homicide, one was robbery related, and nine unknowns.

"One of the most disturbing things this year is we've had seven homicides that are directly related to domestic violence," said Kral. "So that is the highest we've had in a very, very long time, so that is something we're going to be looking into."

"Talk about ways in which people need to not settle those kinds of problems in the home, or where a person should feel their safest, they're not safe, cause the person who's supposed to love them is a person that's hurting them," said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson (D-Toledo). "So we need to change that conversation."

Here's a break down of 2015 to 2016 crime by district:

  • District One had the most vehicle theft.
  • District Three had the most homicides.
  • District Four had the highest rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary stats.
  • District Five had the most larceny theft.

Chief Kral says as of Thursday morning, TPD had 597 sworn officers, the lowest it's been in decades.

To battle this, Kral says they work smarter, include the public in their efforts, and use technology to the fullest. 

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