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Journalists, political experts discuss importance of OH during election at University of Toledo

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Everyone knows ‘As goes Ohio, so goes the nation,’ it’s an old political saying that focuses on the importance of the Buckeye state during presidential elections. 

Journalists and political experts gathered at the University of Toledo Thursday to discuss the election, and how Ohio is more critical to one presidential candidate than the other. 

Jobs and the economy are big drivers for voters, but national security and public safety shoot to the top of the list in light of current events, such as terrorist attacks and attempts in the New York City metro area. 

San Nelson, University of Toledo political science professor and panel moderator, says voters should expect Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to focus on trade. He says Trump’s strategy will be trying to win over voters his predecessor in 2012, Mitt Romney, lost to President Obama. 

“Ohio is more important to Trump than it is to Clinton. He has almost no way of winning the election without Ohio. Clinton has multiple routes to 270 electoral votes, even if she were to lose Ohio,” said Nelson. 

As for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, engaging, activating and locking in so-called newer voters is going to be crucial to her strategy. This includes students who may want to vote for a third-party candidate, or sit the election out.

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