UTPD Hiring more officers

UTPD Hiring more officers
(Source: UTPD)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Students on campus may see a greater presence of police officers on campus. That's because the department is hiring.

In an effort to keep University of Toledo students and faculty safe, school leaders are making sure the police department is at full staff.

"It's a great department," said Chief Jeff Newton, University of Toledo Police Department. "We set the bar high. We have high expectations out of the officers. The moral is really positive."

Students on campus said the presence of more officers on and around campus is crucial in creating a good learning environment.

"A safe environment is key," said Andrew Newton, a junior criminal justice major. "Students have to have someone to go to whether it's problems on campus or off campus. They need someone close around the area to where they can go to for help."

The chief says working on a college campus is a unique experience.

"I think it's kind of the best of both worlds," said Chief Newton. "You get to do traditional police work, but at the same time you're expected to be able to go deliver an educational program,[work] the biggest athletic events in northwest Ohio, our Rocket games, presidential candidate visits and all kinds of different things. It's probably a lot more complex and diverse than people expect."

The department will hold the written portion of the exam on October 29.

The chief said they generally have a staff of 34 officers, he'd like to keep it close to that number.

Interested applicants should contact the department by going to their website.

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